Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I feel refreshed and excited about the Utah Jazz season. While football season still reigns supreme during the fall, I can't help but look forward to our new Utah Jazz come October. The new logo returns, our uniforms are back to the old-school style, half our roster has changed, and Deron Williams seems happy about it. There's just such a new sense of enthusiasm about the Jazz.

I can't say that the "newness" of our team will translate into more wins or a better season, but I think we'll have more fun cheering on our team and following our progress and improvement. I like our roster. Al Jefferson brings an exciting element of power under the basket in replacement of Boozer. I'm looking forward to seeing him play in a Jazz uniform. Gordon Hayward should be able to contribute and get some immediate court time. It'll be fun to see him progress as a Jazzman. It's great to have Raja Bell back in a Jazz uniform. Watson and Elson should at least play some important minutes in reserve for us. And frankly, I like the rookies we brought in to fight for a roster spot. Jeremy Evans and Ryan Thompson could be welcome surprises for our youth movement (or for our passionates fans in Orem). Othyus and Sundiata could have a battle on their hands to keep their positions. There's a lot to look forward to this season. I welcome the excitement and fresh start. Bring on training camp, pre-season, and the start of the new-age Utah Jazz.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Potential Blockbuster

Could Andrei Kirilenko be on his way out of Utah? Reports are scattered throughout the major news streams about a possible blockbuster deal that would send AK47 to Denver in a 4-way trade. The Jazz, in turn, would receive Boris Diaw from Charlotte. The main attraction from the trade would be Carmelo Anthony joining the New Jersey Nets with Devin Harris shipped off to Charlotte and Derrick Favors to Denver to join AK. Could this trade actually happen? As a Jazz fan, it looks like a total salary dump. I'd rather have AK than Boris. Though, there's not a huge difference in performance from the two players. In addition, I certainly wouldn't enjoy watching Andrei suit up for the Nuggets. Regardless, it looks as though the Jazz make-over could be on full display this coming season. New additions abound on the Jazz roster.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Watson Joins Jazz?

I'm not sure how confident we can be about someone's twitter post being a true, viable source of legitimate Jazz news... But... we'll go with it anyway. Apparently, there's a rumor suggesting that Earl Watson will sign with the Utah Jazz. I'd imagine it'd be for the vet minimum. He apparently worked out for the Jazz last week. I think Watson would be a terrific addition. He's the kind of blue collar, unheralded worker that would fit nicely into the Jazz scheme. Hopefully, the rumor is true. The SL Tribune just makes it official... Watson will join the Jazz.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elson Signs with Jazz

Francisco Elson has signed with the Utah Jazz. He's expected to play limited, but meaningful minutes for the Jazz while Mehmet Okur recovers from his achilles surgery. What then does this mean for Fess?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did LeBron set a trend? Dime Magazine thinks Deron Williams will leave to Dallas during the 2012 free agency period. As a Jazz fan, this will be the most feared possibility. And frankly... I think the liklihood could be high... that DWill eventually leaves. Perhaps he wouldn't go to Dallas, but maybe Orlando, New York, or somewhere else. Let's sure hope not...