Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Donovan Mitchell in the Dunk Contest!

After watching some season highlights of Donovan Mitchell recently, I was caught in awe at how unbelievably amazing he is. I guess I must've been taking it for granted or had just grown accustomed to his domination during the doldrums of the NBA season but Donovan Mitchell has defied all expectations for any Utah Jazz fan, and then some. Only partially through the season and he's got two 40 or more point outings in his rookie campaign and averaging nearly 20. Sheesh! Not to mention his overall contribution to the team on both sides of the ball. Now, he has been given the nod to join the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Could he be the first Jazz Starter to take home the prize? Who knows. However, there is a great advantage to being a dunker under 6'5'' and Donovan is fully aware as he alluded to in a recent interview. It is apparent that he is excited and as soon as he received the invite, he began his research and may be planning to bring out some material that went overlooked in previous competitions due to the prior dunker being too big. If I've learned one thing this NBA season, it's that I don't have to temper my expectations for Donovan Mitchell. He Amazes!