Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's Carlos Boozerama... around the clock... all the time.

Boozer's time has arrived to become a free agent again and plenty of teams offer him the chance to score a big-time contract. Who will Boozer be "screaming" for next season? Do the Jazz have a shot at securing his services for more seasons? We should soon find out.

Stays With The Jazz: 25% Chance
I still think there may be a small chance Boozer remains with the Jazz. However, we'd have to do some serious re-tooling of the roster to fit him into the equation. We only have $10M to spend until we hit the luxury tax threshold again. That's a tight spending limit! Boozer alone will be asking for $15M per season.
Signs with Chicago: 20% Chance
Chicago likes Boozer. They've got two spots available. However, LeBron, Bosh, JJ, and possibly Amare' could sign there instead.
Signs with Miami: 15% Chance
Miami is looking to add the tri-fecta of Bron, Bosh, and DWade. Wade is almost assuredly staying in Miami. Bosh has been the primary target in South Beach. However, Boozer could be a secondary option depending on where Bosh lands (Chicago or Miami).
Signs with NJ: 25% Chance
This is the ultimate back-up plan for Boozer. NJ is opening room for 2 big-time free agents. If Miami and Chicago are taken by Amare' and Bosh. Boozer will most likely land in NJ to play alongside Brook Lopez.
Sign & Trade to Orlando or Detroit: 10% Chance
Orlando could be a real possibility. Dwight Howard has expressed interest in having a power forward running mate. Boozer would be that guy. This would be the best scenario for the Jazz too (unless he stayed) we could recoup some talent in return... perhaps Gortat, Bass, future pick. Detroit is a long shot.
Signs with NY: 3% Chance
New York would rather sign David Lee, if they lost out on Bron, Bosh, Wade, Amare', etc. I think Amare' has a chance to land in New York with possibly Joe Johnson (if that happens... then Boozer lands in Chicago or Miami).
Signs with Washington or LA Clippers: 2% Chance
Washington has been savvy, stealing players from teams trying to unload salary for the free agent market (Hinrich & Yi). Boozer is not needed in the Capital City. LAC has a guy by the name of Blake Griffin.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hayward... the Hero or the Goat

Well... it wasn't the most exciting draft ever. But I'm not surprised in the least that we took Gordon Hayward at #9. He's the right type of player for our team.
Infact, I'll go as far as to say... I think that once Gordon Hayward took his Butler team on his back through the Salt Lake City Regional and dismantled Syracuse and Kansas State for a birth into the Final Four, he was officially set in stone as the Utah Jazz selection for the NBA Draft. He locked himself into Jazz hearts (perhaps not the fans but most certainly the Jazz brass).
Frankly, I like the pick. Who else were we going to take? Ed Davis? Raw and injury prone. Luke Babbitt? I'll trust the Jazz evaluation. Patrick Patterson? Nothing special. I jokingly lobbied for Cole Aldrich as the pick because he played center... a position where the Jazz could use some help. Hayward was probably the guy all along. Once Monroe left the board, it was all over. There wasn't another quality big man with additional "super-power" to his potential.
Just think about it... If Gordon Hayward hits that shot, Butler wins the national championship. Yeah, Butler! Say it again... Butler! That's unprecedented! You gotta admit... it was ALL Hayward during that run to the Final Four. He was something special. I don't necessarily think he'll be something special in the League, but I'll place a bet that he'll be pretty good for us.

Hayward? Seriously? The 9th Pick?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Draft Prediction

It's just too perfect to pass up. Cole Aldrich and the Utah Jazz are a match made in hoops heaven. The Jazz can't pass-by this guy if he's available, can they? Fred Flintstone Junior? Double-0 Aldrich? Kansas 7-footer? Good call by the Rock-monster. It's gotta happen... Right?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Draft Buzz

The NBA Draft is right around the corner and the Utah Jazz may have some serious decisions on their hands.

Invitations have gone out to those participants who will occupy the Green Room at the NBA Draft. They include: John Wall, Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Ed Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu, Cole Aldrich, Luke Babbitt, Gordon Hayward, Ekpe Udoh, Paul George, Patrick Patterson, and Xavier Henry. Nearly all of these players could be considered and selected by the Jazz.

The player getting the most buzz for the Jazz pick is Luke Babbitt from Nevada. Apparently, the Jazz would enjoy getting a sweet shooting swingman to come in and play right away. Babbitt, Hayward, and Henry are getting serious looks.

Of the big guys around, if Ed Davis slipped to the Jazz at #9, then he could definitely be the selection. The other big guys being considered are Ekpe Udoh and Cole Aldrich.

Who do you think the Jazz will pick? The draft machine can help us create the potential scenario.

The Jazz could have opportunities to acquire an additional 1st Round pick if they so desire. Mid-1st Round picks are traded quite frequently. Chicago and Miami might want to save cap space for the free agent market, while Minnesota, Memphis, and Oklahoma City have an abundance of picks to possibly trade along to the Jazz. We'll see what happens...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Ed

Ed Davis of North Carolina will be coming to town to workout for the Jazz. Davis has been high on the radar of NBA teams for over a year. Big Ed was an integral part to the UNC National Championship team over a year ago, and would have been a top 5 draft pick last year had he come out early for the NBA Draft after his impressive freshman season. Davis, though, didn't fare as well this season at UNC, primarily due to injury and youth at key positions (No quality PG to get him the ball). Perhaps Davis can show the things he's capable of during the workout and regain his positioning in the draft with the Jazz picking at #9. He provides great athleticism, rebounding, shot-blocking, and length at the PF postion. Funny enough... Davis will be working out against local product and French flyer, Kim Tillie, from the University of Utah. So... anybody got Tillie in this match-up?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Long-time readers of TCG know how we collectively feel about the old Jazz logo. In fact, it's embedded in our own name. So it is with open arms that we welcome you back, Jazz note! You were gone too long.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Masters of the Shot-Block

The big guys we've been waiting to see finally visited the Jazz on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday saw players such as Cole Aldrich, Ekpe Udoh, and Hassan Whiteside go up against each other. On Wednesday, the Jazz saw Patrick Patterson and Larry Sanders. It would have been exciting to witness these workouts and see which players had the ability to separate themselves from the pack. I really don't know what the Jazz will do with so many options for them at #9. In some ways, they can't go wrong... and yet, the Jazz must get the best value pick at the position they're slated to select. It'll be a tough decision come draft day.

The Big Board (I think the wings are making a surge upward):
1. Greg Monroe, Georgetown
2a. Gordon Hayward, Butler
2b. Luke Babbitt, Nevada
2c. Xavier Henry, Kansas
5. Ekpe Udoh, Baylor
6. Cole Aldrich, Kansas
7. Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
8. Hassan Whiteside, Marshall
9. Ed Davis, UNC
10. Paul George, Fresno St.

On the eve of our World Cup match against England, here's to our 2nd Round hopeful from the Mother Country... Ryan Richards. He could be a potential sleeper.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Next Wes Matthews

I get more excited about the 2nd Round draft picks than I do about the 1st Round guys. Considering our penchant for snagging 2nd Round discoveries, the Jazz have developed quite a nice roster (and even past alumni) of hidden gems. Bryan Russell and Shandon Anderson are examples of past success stories. Paul Millsap, and CJ Miles were also 2nd Round picks who overachieved and made an impact on the Jazz.

So, the lesson here is that solid ball players can be mined in the 2nd Round and developed into good players. If there was ever a magic formula to selecting one of these players, it would have to be that they were overlooked, upper-class, productive college performers playing with a chip on their shoulder to perform at the highest level. With the right opportunity (like Wes Matthews), these guys can make an impact. The Jazz system also allows these players to thrive based upon the concept of team basketball. Everybody can find a niche if they work hard enough.

Who should we look for?

The Top 5
1. Luke Harangody, F, Notre Dame
The Gody needs us more than we need him. He'd be perfect in our system as a Harpring-esque, "bully & bruiser" type of player. He just fits our style. I don't think he impacts the NBA... unless he's a Jazzman.
2. Mikhail Torrance, G, Alabama
No one had really heard of him until the Portsmouth Tournament. He's a productive senior combo-guard with good athleticism.
3. Lazar Hayward, F, Marquette
Hayward could be the heir apparent to Wes Matthews. Same school, similar-type player, good shooter, physical presence... He'd be a solid forward in the Jazz system.
4. Manny Harris, G, Michigan
Manny does a little bit of everything. He's a stat-sheet stuffer. I believe he could play back-up SG as a poorman's Rip Hamilton.
5. Omar Samhan, C, Saint Mary's
The Sandman took his team to the Sweet 16. His numbers were incredible. With a little conditioning and athletic training, he could definitely be a solid back-up center for us.

The Younger Brothers: Ryan Thompson, G, Rider; Elijah Millsap, G, UAB
If you take a flyer on a guy in the 2nd Round, it may as well be on someone who comes from quality NBA stock. Jason Thompson and Paul Millsap are doing pretty well in the league right now.

The Unknown: Ever heard of Mac Koshwal? Neither have I. He averaged 16 points, 10 boards, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 block per game as a 6-10 center for DePaul. Get on it!

The Dukies: While I don't cheer for Duke (infact... I despise them), I respect their program and tradition (and more so now that I have visited Cameron Indoor recently). One reason why Duke players perform so well is because they play hard together and assume player roles. Zoubek and Sheyer were solid system guys. Zoubek rebounded and clogged the paint. Sheyer ran the team and shot threes. Both guys have a shot at the NBA. Frankly, there's no better match for the Jazz than two solid winners. We might as well draft one of them.

The Prediction: Jazz pick a Dukie. If we go big in the 1st, it'll be Sheyer in the 2nd. If we go swingman, we'll then select Zoubek.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Big Board

The Big Fella, Greg Monroe from Georgetown, came to visit the Jazz for a workout today. Monroe was the first prospect to start off the Pre-Draft Festivities for the Jazz off-season. It's fitting that Monroe visited first and foremost, since Monroe is probably the Jazz's primary target for the upcoming draft on June 24th.
It would be great to have a shot at drafting Monroe, however, I believe he'll move ahead of the Jazz's drafting spot come June 24th. He'll get heavy attention from teams such as Sacramento, Golden State, and Detroit. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he could drop to #9. Though, I'm not expecting it. If we want him, we'll have to trade up.
It's getting tough to put together a Draft Big Board for the upcoming draft in 3 weeks. There are a lot of quality players who are about the same (talent-wise), yet won't be stars. In some ways, I wish we could pick two players in the 1st Round so we could fill in holes for a post player and a swingman. Quality role/rotation players abound in this draft.
Here's my best guess at our current Big Board...
I think Wall, Turner, Favors, Cousins, WJohnson, and Aminu will be gone before the Jazz pick. Monroe will have a chance to be there.
1. Greg Monroe - Like Hansbrough and Hibbert in years past... we want him. He won't be there.
2. Luke Babbitt - Jazzman... shooter, scorer, passer, southpaw.
3. Cole Aldrich - Defense and rebounding. All things we need. Ready to contribute.
4. Gordon Hayward - Winner. Terrific playmaker, ballhandler, passer and team-player.
5. Ekpe Udoh - Could be higher on our board. Provides length and shotblocking.
6. Ed Davis - Best athlete of the big men. Not the most polished or ready. Could be higher on our draft board.
7. Patrick Patterson - Great character guy. Fits our style to a "T". Could be a solid Millsap back-up.
8. Hassan Whiteside - Boom or bust. This is who we pick if we shoot for the stars. Incredible length, size, & shotblocking. Jazz probably aren't that risky. Not ready to contribute.
9. Xavier Henry - Great talent and shooter. Underwhelming freshman year. Could rise our board, yet I believe the Jazz will like Babbitt and Hayward better.
10. Paul George - Terrific size and athleticism. Raw talent.
I wouldn't be disappointed in any of these players. In fact, I'd hope to draft a couple of them. Go Jazz!