Sunday, January 17, 2010


In full confession, I’ve gone through a mini-type of hibernation from following the Jazz. Sundiata Gaines pulled me out of my funk as a Jazz fan, helping me appreciate the unheralded passion of a D-leaguer hitting a game winning shot against the best player in the game. It was miraculous and motivating at the same time. If he can do it, we can all succeed in life.

The Jazz are sitting in a precarious spot. We’re inching closer to the heavy-weights of the Western Conference while also being chased by the up-and-comers of the league. Portland, Phoenix and San Antonio are sitting just ahead of us, while Houston, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Memphis (!) are nipping at our heels. With a quick run, we could be well-positioned. Though, with a downward spiral, we’re quickly out of the playoff race. I’ve never seen the Western conference so evenly matched with parity. The next few games will be telling of which direction we decide to go. Will the Sundiata Gaines “miracle shot” drive us to a new, better destination? We shall see…

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Pasty Gangsta said...

Last night's game is another key example of these problems. We didn't play all that well but because we have talent we hung around. But stupid turnovers, lackadaisical defense, and missed free throws killed us.

How many times did Boozer turn into the paint and throw his hands up as if he got fouled when really he just lost the ball? Too many to count. I'm with the Rock Monster. . . let's blow this squad up.