Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Lineup

It looks like Jerry is going to continue to start Wes Matthews after his two-game tryout. That likely means AK will move to the bench and Ronnie will start at the three. Neither of those guys have exactly staked a claim to a starting position this year, so it must have been a bit of a tossup. AK has a fragile ego but he also benefits from going against other teams' second unit. Let's be honest -- you'd rather try an ill-advised three or behind the back pass on a fast break against them than the starters.

This begs the question though: who was the last rookie to claim a starting spot this early in the year under Jerry Sloan? Emphasis on "claim" not "start a few games because everyone else at the position was out with an injury." I don't actually know the answer. It certainly wasn't Deron Williams or Ronnie Brewer or any of our other high draft picks. You gotta hand it to Wes.

Speaking of our lineup, next year's is looking better as the Knicks are considering signing Allen Iverson. Could their dysfunctional disaster of a year get any worse? With that type of move, you bet.

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