Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Here's what Deron said last night on Twitter:

"We got to change something bc what we doing ain't working right now! Don't know what but something?????"

Now, of course, he's trying to clarify what he meant, which usually happens when you've spoken the dead truth just a little too loudly.

Some more truth from D Will:

"A couple of us were talking," Williams said, "we were looking at Boston and . . .Paul Pierce has 10 points, K.G. [Kevin Garnett] has 10 points, Ray Allen has 10 points, [Rajon] Rondo has 14 points, somebody else had 12 points and they're on the bench happy. And they don't care who the hell gets the glory, they just want to win. Until we figure that out, we're not going to be a good team."

And the harshest but truest statement of all:

"We haven't put much of an effort up."


Tucker McCann said...

And now I heard on the radio this morning that D Will has left the Jazz and returned to SLC for personal reasons, and will remain in SLC for the duration of the east coast road trip . . .

Draft Guru said...

The Jazz said Williams' absence against Philadelphia is not injury-related.

This can't be good.

Pasty Gangsta said...

It is hard to imagine how this season could get much worse at this point.

Tonight we're starting Matthews AND Maynor, which under normal circumstances would not be a great thing. But hell, let's try it.

Anonymous said...

Time for the Jazz to get Dr. Rich Ferre on retainer to help the team overcome its psychological problems that are affecting on-court performance.

The enitre Boozer melodrama has created a toxic locker room/team environment. Who would want to go into battle with Carlos? I don't see how things are going to improve all that much as the season progresses.

D-Will is one current NBA player that is a true professional. He is cut from the mold of Stockton and Mail that goes out and earns his pay every game. Without him for these last two stops on the road trip the Jazz are up shits creek without a paddle (insert Golden Griff laugh now).


Jack Sikma

Tucker McCann said...

"HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha"

-Golden Griff