Monday, April 28, 2008

Goin' Back to Houston to do more than the Hotdog Dance...

Obviously, the sooner the Jazz close out the Rockets, the better.

But looking ahead at the potential scheduling of the 2nd Round match up with the Lakers makes winning Game 5 all the more appealing for the Jazz. Whether the Lakers beat the Nuggets in Game 4 (more likely possibility) or Game 5, a Jazz-Lakers Game 1 would be set for Sunday afternoon on ABC (since the Lakers are already scheduled for that time slot in a potential Game 7 with the Nuggets). If the Jazz can close out the series tomorrow night, it would allow for 4 days of rest between the two series. If Game 6 has to be played, however, it will not take place until Friday evening. Finishing the series then allows the Jazz less than 48 hours to recoup, travel to LA, and take on the Lake Show. I'll reserve talking about this series with the Rockets going to Game 7, because if that does happen I'll have a great post with pictures of my broken television and my wife Lauren scolding me for breaking it.

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Orlando said...

What is McGrady's tatoo in that picture? Is it a psalm? Or is it the Magna Carta?