Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jarron's Role

At last, what we all suspected has been confirmed: Jarron Collins is the biggest waste of space to ever receive a paycheck from an NBA franchise. In this exclusive Deseret News interview he elaborates upon his role with the team:

"Collins said his routine is about the same every game — even between the time the Jazz do their final pregame chat and the tip. He always gives Boozer "a little fist pound" and then waits for Williams to give him the hot pack. He then shakes hands with Williams, Brewer, Boozer and finally Miles."

Notice, there is no mention of rebounding, defending, scoring, or competing, but just "fist pounds," catching hot packs, and shaking hands. $2.35 million a year? Really? Has Larry H. checked his payroll recently?


Orlando said...

What does "give him the hot pack" mean? Is it an innuendo?

successwithusana said...

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putas said...

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