Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Storm Clouds

There is an ominous cloud over the SLC.

This young jazz team has morphed in the public's omnicscent eye from surprising underdog to championship contender in less than a year. Last year they wore their awe-shucks-nice-to-be-here masks into the Toyota Center and ripped the heart out of clutch city. Suddenly we were in the western conference finals. Against satan.

This series has a different feel altogether from last year's unforecast bloom. Taking two road games to start the series announced the ascendance. Arrival. No longer the out-of-nowhere tough guys. Now, a destructive force. But momentum is a fickle mistress in the playoffs. Since those first two games we have lost at home, edged out a win on (of all things) an Okur offensive rebound, and layed a gigantic turd in game 5. Suddenly, the Rockets, even with homecourt in their backpocket, seem like David, and we the tired, uninterested Goliath.

Like the stormclouds behind the two well-dressed businessmen above, things can change quickly. This weekend will likely find the Jazz hopelessly outmatched against the Lakers. Then, we can play our preferred role: snake in the grass. Until then, let's hope we can win playing the hated role of favorite on Friday.

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