Thursday, April 29, 2010

Game 6... Buckle Up.

The Jazz came up short last night despite a superstar showing by its two premier players, Boozer and DWill. Each were phenomenal. DWill finished with 34 points and 10 assists while Carlos Boozer had 25 points and 16 rebounds. Each player has simply dominated their respective position and provided the team with significant scoring output. DWill's series performance has been so amazing that he's been receiving impressive accolades and acknowledgement as the best point guard in the NBA. We, as Jazz fans, can undoubtedly agree that we have the best point guard in the game. No question about it.

The disconcerting part of this series (if there was ever anything dissatisfying with our play... because we're playing remarkable, outstanding ball while being shorthanded) is that we're heavily reliant upon our stars to be great. Our supporting cast has been terrific, while also being extremely limited. Last night, we played an awesome game and yet still lost to Denver because our back-ups and secondary players just weren't good enough. Denver's were better.

We've witnessed incredible performances from Paul Millsap, CJ Miles, Wesley Matthews, and even Fes. Yet, when we don't get those same remarkable performances from them, we're very susceptible to losing. Thus, for Game 6... buckle up! Can the supporting cast get it done and push the Jazz over the top to win the series? We have one final home game to finish this thing off. Go Jazz!

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