Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fear Factor

The Jazz are coming down the stretch, and I'm getting worried about where we're going to place for the playoffs. Infact, there are a number of things that I'm concerned about regarding the Jazz as the season winds down. And I'd like to call them... "the fear factors" to our playoff season hopes...

The LA Lakers: I fear the enemy. Let's just hope that we don't get the fortune to play them until the last possible chance... in the Western Conference Finals (that is... if we get there).

Our Defense: How many points did we give up over the last two games? We're back to playing our old, vintage "swiss cheese" defense.

Road Games: The Rockets absolutely destroyed us last night. It was over before the game began. I suppose we could blame the loss on the overtime thriller against the Thunder, but, we had so much at stake that I wish we could have played much better against the Rockets.

Our Injury Report: AK47 has been out for some time now. Last night, Memo felt soreness in his achilles tendon. Not good. Even Fes came down with a case of the "black lung"... actually, a sore throat. Will our team ever get better for the playoffs?

Kevin Durant: On second thought, perhaps it might be best if we end up in the 4/5 match-up afterall. Who wants to face Kevin Durant in the 1st round? Not the Jazz!

CJ Miles: Such a liability on defense! While he's been more consistent this year on offense than in times past, CJ can't guard anybody of hoop talent. Kevin Durant absolutely lit up the Jazz and CJ Miles...

Lamar Odom: Mr. Kardashian absolutely has our number. We can't guard the guy. He always has his best outing versus the Jazz. I'd like to compare his season stats to his Jazz stats. I bet they look stunning! We make Odom look like a superstar. My offseason wish... Figure out a way to neutralize LO.

4/5 Match-up: The West is tough. Virtually every match-up is scary. However, can you imagine playing a tough team like Phoenix and then moving on to LA? Brutal! I guess every road leads to LA eventually. Perhaps Phoenix is the most entertaining destination.

Our Bench: Koufos, Jeffers, and Sundiata Gaines await...

Greg Popovich: Just because he's a dry, straight-faced, awkward coach. I prefer Sloan's brutally honest, no-nonsense approach better.

Kyle Korver's Charming Good Looks and Goodie-Boy Appeal: There's no way he's ALL that and box of chocolates. Please!

Our Chances: I doubt our ability to stay healthy and play consistent, steady basketball. We'll need our depth to step up and make big contributions (Millsap, Korver, Miles, Ronnie Price...). I'm hoping we can overcome our obstacles and make a miraculous run through the playoffs.
Go Jazz!

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Pasty Gangsta said...

Prediction: much will come down to our last game of the season, at home against the Suns. If we beat them we'll either likely move past them and play someone else, or at least get homecourt in a series with them. Although to be honest, if we're not going to get a top three seed -- and that's looking more and more likely -- things might be more intriguing for us at the six.