Thursday, April 15, 2010


On a night for honoring the late Larry H. Miller and with so much at stake for the team, the Jazz got walloped and laid a huge, gi-normous egg.

What was that?!

We had a chance to pursue the path of "least resistance", acquire home-court advantage and essentially seal our opportunity to make an exciting run through the playoffs... however, we got crushed and allowed it all to pass away.

I can't tell you how furious I was last night watching the Jazz. I had to change the channel on multiple occasions to allow Goose and Maverick from Top Gun to calm my anger. It just wasn't the performance I was expecting. Yet, to expect otherwise was naive of me. We were shorthanded (which "calls out" the combined toughness of Boozer and Kirilenko). Our second unit was aweful. And we really didn't have a chance from the out-set. Phoenix just plain-and-simply manhandled us.

Now, we start with Denver, with the winner having the right to face the Lakers. What a terrible playoff road! We have a combined record of 2-6 against those two teams this year. I don't really like our chances against the Nuggets without homecourt, even with Boozer and Kirilenko healthy. Let's just hope that the Jazz are able to make this post-season exciting and entertaining for us. Make me a believer!

I hate to do this though... Denver in 6.


Tucker McCann said...
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Tucker McCann said...


Truly truly unreal. What an ultimate kick to the crotch!