Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bring Back Brew

I never fully understood why we traded Ronnie away. I suppose it was to open up more time for Wes Matthews and save us some money.
Now that big Wes Matthews has secured himself an outrageous long-term contract, it's time for the Jazz to reach out to Ronnie Brewer and bring him back home. I'll admit... Wes Matthews brought more to the table than Ronnie Brewer. He's a more complete player. But what if we signed Ronnie for $15M less? I think Ronnie will cost us just above $4M per season. I think this could be worth the exchange. Apparently, the possibility is more than real. Memphis just signed Tony Allen. And we're battling the Utah Jazz East (Chicago Bulls) for Ronnie's services. Other players we could reach out to (instead of matching Wes Matthews' contract) are Roger Mason, Shannon Brown, Antoine Wright, and maybe 19 pt 1st half... Joey Graham. These guys should come much cheaper than Wes and provide close to the same production. Plus, the Jazz need to make due with their mid-level and bi-annual exceptions. We still need to add a big guy (other than Fes) that will attempt to fill Boozer's empty shoes. Do any of these low budget PFs bring a cheap-gain appeal to our team? Sheldon Williams, Kwame Brown, Craig Smith, Josh Powell, DJ Mbenga, Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong, Ike Diogu, Lou Amundson, Anthony Tolliver... It's like we're buying Keds at the DI or something. We only have about $2-3M to spend on a post player. Hopefully, one of our summer league hopefuls, Augustine or Davidson, can make a difference in fall camp. As the great 80's group Bananarama once sang... It's a cruel summer! And it has been for the Jazz...


Anonymous said...

I agree. It looks like that's where this is heading, though I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if Brewer elected to go to Chicago after what went down with his move to Memphis. Hopefully he'll still want to play for Sloan and alongside Williams. But we'll see.

Crazy summer so far, right?

Pasty Gangsta said...

Wow. Those are some slim free agent pickings.

Given their comparative prices, Brewer is a much better deal than Matthews. It will be hard to see Wes go, but it's Portland's stupid move.

Summer sliver lining: Kosta played well in Orlando and so did Haywood. It wasn't supposed to be a rebuilding year but it might not be the worst thing for those guys to get minutes.

site said...

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