Saturday, July 10, 2010

Matthews Mayhem

Boy, we're getting pilfered. This is kind of depressing. The Jazz are placed in a tough spot once again. Wesley Matthews just signed an offer sheet for 5 years and $34 million. Apparently, the offer sheet is front-loaded for $9 million next year.
I hope the Jazz are considering their options. They have 7 days to make a decision to match or not. Other "cheaper" options could be available. Ronnie Brewer might be one of those other options... to bring him back.
I'm happy for Wes Matthews. I raved about his play all last season. Going from undrafted to receiving a $34 million contract over the course of one season is an amazing success story. Kudos to him. As much as I like Wes, I don't think the Jazz should match the contract. Let Portland reap what they offered.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

Portland doesn't have a GM and boy does it show. That is a terrible contract. Wes is great but not $7 million a year over five years with $9 million up front great.

They say that in the stock market you make your money on the investments you decide not to make and there is a corollary with NBA contracts. The surest way to trouble is overpaying average players and locking yourself into crappy long-term contracts (see the Knicks). Sadly we probably need to let Wes walk.