Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raja and Wes

Welcome back Raja. You will clearly look mighty fly in white shorts.

Kevin O'Connor said this morning he was looking for a guard who could D up and shoot the three but that those were hard to find. Consider it found!

Maybe we'll get you back one day too, Wes. But for today it's good-bye. And good luck to Portland if they're handing out contracts like that.

One of the craziest offseasons ever for the Jazz appears to be coming to a close. Only time will tell how we do, but here's one fan who thinks we've improved.


Draft Guru said...

Not sure how much he has left in the tank, but I hope he can play D and hit a couple 3s for us. His leadership, toughness and intensity brought him back to the team. I'm sure the other guards were asking for too much $$$. Raja is a relatively cheap option.

Tucker McCann said...

So the debate is as follows: are the 2010-2011 Jazz worse, the same, or better than this year's team with Boozer, Kyle, and Wes.

I would argue THE SAME. I think we'll be a 5th or 6th seed, and lose in the second round of the playoffs. But, considering the state of things 5 days ago, I am very pleased with Kevin O'Connor

Pasty Gangsta said...

I think we're slightly better because Jefferson can play power forward or center, so you can imagine a lineup of Millsap, Jefferson and Okur, which gives us more size than Booze. If you look at the numbers Jefferson also seems to be a slightly better rebounder. Korver/Wes for Bell is more of a wash, with Bell being perhaps a slight downgrade. Korver never really did it for me, but Wes will miss.

I also like the addition of Hayward, although I seem to be the only one.

Orlando said...

It's hard to say whether we've improved because so much depends on the health of our new acquisitions. Raja Bell played in SIX games last year. Al Jefferson is a year removed from ACL surgery. Also, Memo is a non-factor next year in my estimation.

In the end, I think the Jazz are in for a tough ride next year, but hopefully 2011-12 is where it's at.

I miss Wes.

torrey ellis said...

Its not just about is Al better than Booze or are we going to miss Wes. What about the fact that Dwill and CJ took another step forward in the playoffs. (not to mention Fez) Also Milsap will also have a more defined role that fits him and he will improve, plus we added Hayword. So I think overall we will be better.

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