Sunday, January 18, 2009

According to Stein...

According to Marc Stein of, he offers this report from a West scout answering a question about "who will miss out on the postseason in the West?":

"I'm thinking Utah, because I think injuries are what's going to decide it and they've already got a bad injury with [Carlos] Boozer. But that obviously means Houston should look out, too, and Dallas ... I keep thinking that they're going to be OK but they're having so much trouble scoring. Something just doesn't look right there.
"Maybe I'm kind of ducking your question. All I know for sure is that an injury is what's going to kill somebody. It's getting harder and harder to win on the road, so can Utah continue to maintain without [Boozer]? You don't even want to go to Memphis or Minnesota or Oklahoma City right now. On their home floor, with nothing to lose, these young teams are dangerous. They're growing up."

And a word on the D-League showcase in Orem:

Jazz forward Kyrylo Fesenko was sent down to the Utah Flash on the second day of the Showcase. Pistons guard Alex Acker played just four games this month in a brief stint with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, but two of them were in Orem.
The reaction to both developments was generally the same from NBA team representatives.
"With the trade deadline coming up?" said one Western Conference executive. "They were being showcased."

With the way we played this weekend, I certainly couldn't argue with the opinion that the Jazz could easily miss out on the playoffs. We just lost to the Mavericks who gained ground on our now 1/2 game lead.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

Marc Stein is an idiot if he thinks the Jazz are going to miss the postseason, as is Gordon Monson for thinking the Nuggets are a lock to win the conference.

Williams has just started to play to his potential and we've had a number of other injuries. If everyone stays healthy (I'm not even talking about Boozer here) we're the second or third best team in the west.