Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Jarron . . .

Young Jarron Collins is about to retire (come May '09) (unless of course some other franchise signs him, which I don't see happening). So, as I watched Jarron sit on the bench last night like the diplomatic statesman that he is, I wondered to myself, "who else could we get for Jarron's salary?" Below is a list of players that currently make a touch more or a touch less than Jarron:

-Michael Finley
-Eddie House
-Rajon Rondo
-Joakim Noah
-Jason Maxiell
-Rodney Stuckey
-Antonio McDyess
-Danny Granger (about to make a butt-load more though)
-Smush Parker
-JJ Redick
-Devean George
-Luther Head
-Chuck Hayes
-Brent Barry
-Hakim Warrick
-Linas Kleiza
-Anthony Carter
-Ronnie Brewer
-Paul Millsap (about to make a butt-load more though)
-Chris Mihm
-Jordan Farmar
-Grant Hill
-Matt Barnes

Now, let the debate begin . . . can anyone make the argument that Jarron is better than any of these players? I cannot.


Ryan said...

Does Jarron make more than his brother? Jarron might be able to give Jason a run for his money.

Tucker McCann said...

Jarron makes $2 Million and Jason makes $6 Million, which together is $8 Million too much.

Orlando said...

I would take Jarron Collins over Smush Parker. Smush is a turnover waiting to happen, and his citizenship is marginal at best.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with The Crotty Kid... Flop over Smush. That's about it though.