Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Jazz by the Numbers

As we near the halfway point of the season, it's interesting to check out the Jazz' year so far in terms of numbers.  

The most disappointing one has got to be 101: that's how many games our boys have lost due to injury this year.   Of course there's a silver lining there -- Millsap has had a chance to shine, losing Collins is actually a good thing (especially with Kosta playing the way he has been), and Harpring's absences haven't hurt much -- but when Boozer, AK, Memo, and D Will go out for various lengths of time. . . well, it leads to losses.  

7-11, our record on the road, is also not encouraging.  It's especially disappointing when you consider we have losses in places like New York and DC.  Come on Jazz, those are winnable games!

But the Jazz also have some great numbers.  They're 15-4 in the conference (5-0 in the division), have a four game winning streak going, and, among the teams in the West, have the second best average margin of victory (only the Lakers are better).  Speaking of the Lake Show, we're 8 1/2 games behind them for the top spot in the conference.  Barring something huge there's no way we'll catch them.  But here's the best number of all: today, even with all the injuries and crappy road losses that we've had, the Jazz are only 2 1/2 games out of the second spot in the West.  That's pretty amazing and a huge break for us.  No one besides the Lakers has separated themselves in the conference this year.  Let's hope the Jazz do soon.  

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