Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memo, the Marvelous

If NBA Jam were calling the Jazz game last night instead of Hot Rod, it would have been shouting… “He’s on Fire!” Truly, as I was sitting 3rd row, it nearly seemed like flames were coming off his hands as the ball left his fingers. Every shot he fired seemed like it was going down. Even after hitting his 30th, some-odd point in the 3rd quarter, Memo started showing his “guns-up”… blowing off smoke coming from his finger-tips. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a remarkable individual performance. Memo showed us how dangerous he can be when he’s playing his best game. His offensive repertoire can be unmatched when he's "ON"… hitting inside, from the 3-line, off the dribble, fade-aways, duck-ins, off-the-catch, off-the-screen-and-pop. Unstoppable! We were all hoping that he would go off for 50. Reality was, he wasn’t too far off that mark. Memo went 13-19 from the field, with 3 3-pointers and 14 of 15 at the foul-line, finishing with 43 points. From ESPN.com, he said "I felt like one of those nights I wasn't going to miss," said Okur, the 6-foot-11 center who is the Jazz's top 3-point threat. "I took what they gave me. They gave me open shots and I took it." The guy was unbelievable! With Memo playing so well, Millsap (though injured currently) recording 19 double-doubles in a row until the Detroit game, & AK47 going for 23 as starting the power forward last night, how should we feel about the absence of Carlos Boozer? Should we even care? ESPN.com’s Chad Ford offers us this little nugget during his chat today…

andy (vegas): I feel like in 10 years we will look back and laugh that we ever thought softish, jump shooting, injury prone Boozer was more valuable then tough as nails, scrappy, and savvy Milsap. Thoughts?

Chad Ford: That's a little harsh, though I agree that Milsap looks like the answer to the Boozer conundrum. If he can get healthy, I think the Jazz will look to move Boozer for something before the trade deadline.


Pasty Gangsta said...

For the record, I 1000% endorse moving Boozer before the deadline (or after, during, under, through . . . whatever it takes).

site said...

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