Sunday, August 23, 2009

10-Years At The Helm As GM

Kevin O'Connor has been with the Jazz for 10 years. He has been scrutinized, analyzed and dissected for his every move (or lack of moves) as GM. It's true that many Jazz fans would like to have his job... or at least think that they could do a better job than him, if they had his job. That's just the nature of being a fan, right? In truth, KOC has done a decent job of assembling together a talented team over the years and faces challenges in pushing his assemblage to the next level. It's every GM's toughest task... to improve upon what's already good and competitive.

The SL Tribune has quoted Jazz owner Greg Miller and coach Jerry Sloan regarding their evaluation of KOC over the years.

Larry H. Miller Group CEO Greg Miller said: "I'm very pleased where we are because Kevin lives in the real world of player personnel issues. Those who like to take shots at him don't have real-world experience. They sit on the Internet or they talk to their buddies in the bar and say, 'Why doesn't Kevin do this? Why doesn't Kevin do that?' But chances are, he's already tried that. When you look at how many moving parts there are to a deal and how limited the opportunities are to make meaningful personnel moves, I think Kevin has done a great job for us."

Said Coach Sloan: "I'd never want [O'Connor's] job. It's impossible to bat 100 percent every time you come to the plate, as far as picking out players and getting them for your team. But he is really dedicated to trying to do the right thing."

And finally, KOC comments on the team we have... "We have a good core, from an asset standpoint," he said. "When Carlos was hurt last season, we started four players who were under 25 and we think those players are going to get better. ... "We would like to get longer and we would like to get more athletic. But those kind of players are hard to find, especially when you've been drafting where we have been drafting."


Pasty Gangsta said...

KOC screwed up the Millsap signing a bit this year but he still got in done. Now let's just see if can work some real magic and move Boozer. . .

Coach Tom NiSexy said...

Interesting tidbit on Boozer: I had been inquiring about some season tickets in a particular spot in the arena, only to find out that Carlos Boozer had just purchased them. Would that be any indication as to Boozer's current expectations for where he'll play this year?