Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great News for Knicks Fans (that hate the Knicks)

Now that the Jazz have hunkered down for the free agent winter, I get my NBA kicks by hoping and praying that the Knicks sign Stephon Marbury, Nick Van Exel and Isaiah Thomas. As an avid reader of TCG pointed out to me this week, they took the first step this week: they claimed White Chocolate off of waivers.

Now, it is unclear whether the Knicks truly are contemplating signing the best white street baller since Tha Professor instead of Nate Robinson, but it is clear that the Knicks are still a team in disarray. The Jazz will take great pleasure in their sufferings this season. Now, if someone could just sign David Lee, we could be sitting on a draft gold mine.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Even if no one signs Lee the Knicks are still a disaster. Poor talent combined with their players' me-first attitude is a recipe for disaster.

Let's hope they win 15 games.

Orlando said...

The problem with the Knicks, from our perspective, is that they have no incentive to lose. Typically, a team with no chance of winning just tanks for the best lottery spot available. But the Knicks will at least be trying to win this year. Just watch how the Bucks, T-Wolves, and Nets suddenly start losing a ton of games after the all-star break.

Pasty Gangsta said...

That is true, but most other teams have an incentive to win (at least most of the time). And because they are more talented than the Knicks, may pound them.