Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tweet Tweet

It's been a slow month in Jazzland, with one minor exception: our boys, like the LDS Church, are discovering the World Wide Web in all its glory. Below are some initial grades for their efforts:

Eric Maynor (@EMaynor3 on Twitter)
Maynor is clearly a rookie when it comes to microblogging. His tweets are short and, frankly, a bit boring. They mostly consist of updates like, "On my way to work out." He is a churchgoer and has recently been going to bed early though, which will no doubt make Jerry happy. . . not to mention Korver.

CJ Miles (@CJMiles34 on Twitter)
Miles tweets more than any other Jazzman (upwards of ten times a day). His updates also reveal that he hangs out with Ronnie Price and D Will constantly. Not many pics or links though. Finally, he's been up late the last few days. If Sloan ever figures out how to use that newfangled Internet contraption it's going to be a lot harder to break curfew on the road.

Deron Williams (@D_Will_8_4real on Twitter)
D Will is the Jazz' established leader on both the court and the web. His tweets are frequent and include links and awesome pictures (see below). Mark my words: unless/until the Jazz PR shop shuts him down, his Twitter feed will break news one of these days. The man's filter is not always on.

Kyrylo Fesenko (@The_Best_Fes on Twitter)
This is an entertaining feed to say the least. Unfortunately it's not real. But that hasn't stopped D Will and Miles from corresponding with whoever is behind it. . .


Draft Guru said...

Wish I could get myself a pair of that Jazz-logo-ed bike gear. Our very own Booner, the blogger, would look very nice in that stuff.

The Golden Griff said...

I wonder if Floyd was trying to secretly rub some of The Clear on D-Will

Pasty Gangsta said...

By the way, Deron Williams won the race between the two of them. What say you to that, Booner?

Tucker McCann said...

I say that (1) D Will had a huge head start (which is actually true), and (2) Floyd Llandis is a washed-up doper butthole.

Orlando said...

I once saw Floyd Landis in front of the white house, dressed like the Unibomber.