Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Draft Money

It's awesome that the Jazz possess the Knicks pick and we can enjoy the fruits of pursuing a playoff run while also looking forward to the reward of having a high lottery pick (due to someone else's agony). Truth be told, however, I don't think our 2010 Knicks pick will be an all-star caliber player... unless we somehow win the lottery. The top 2 picks, Wall and Turner, will be surefire All-stars. The next three players (Cousins, Favors, and Johnson) could become potential All-stars. And yet, the next tier of players from #6 to the back end of the lottery will produce a combination (or "hodge-podge") of solid role players, European unknowns, and boom-or-bust projects. That's indeed probably what we'll get... Aminu, Aldrich, Monroe, or Patterson? Solid role players. Jan Veseley? Donatas Motiejunas? Perhaps the second coming of Andrea Bargnani or Nicolas Tskitishvili. What about Hassan Whiteside? Perhaps it might be safer to go with the Cinderella sweetheart of the SLC regional, Gordon Hayward from Butler. My point is... we may not be getting a great pick afterall. On another note, at least we have Boozer to provide us with some good reading material. Booz to the Knicks? Well, if they have cash money, then there's always a chance Boozer will be seriously interested. That's news to me! Thanks Booz. Thanks Knicks.


Orlando said...

The moment the pinp-pong balls say that we'll be picking [7th-10th], Greg Miller should shout "WE SELECT COLE ALDRICH" at the top of his lungs. Save us all the suspense.

Draft Guru said...

Perfectly fitting. Nothing matches Jazzman as Cole Aldrich. Unless, perhaps, it were Ekpe Udoh. UDOH!!!

Pasty Gangsta said...

Love this quote by Boozer on D'Antoni and that his rapper's head tattoo metaphor is meant as a compliment:

"He's got the best plays I've ever been around -- on a whim. It's like rappers when they come out on the top of the dome with quotes. He's got plays in the back of his head with plays for that moment."