Friday, June 25, 2010

Hayward... the Hero or the Goat

Well... it wasn't the most exciting draft ever. But I'm not surprised in the least that we took Gordon Hayward at #9. He's the right type of player for our team.
Infact, I'll go as far as to say... I think that once Gordon Hayward took his Butler team on his back through the Salt Lake City Regional and dismantled Syracuse and Kansas State for a birth into the Final Four, he was officially set in stone as the Utah Jazz selection for the NBA Draft. He locked himself into Jazz hearts (perhaps not the fans but most certainly the Jazz brass).
Frankly, I like the pick. Who else were we going to take? Ed Davis? Raw and injury prone. Luke Babbitt? I'll trust the Jazz evaluation. Patrick Patterson? Nothing special. I jokingly lobbied for Cole Aldrich as the pick because he played center... a position where the Jazz could use some help. Hayward was probably the guy all along. Once Monroe left the board, it was all over. There wasn't another quality big man with additional "super-power" to his potential.
Just think about it... If Gordon Hayward hits that shot, Butler wins the national championship. Yeah, Butler! Say it again... Butler! That's unprecedented! You gotta admit... it was ALL Hayward during that run to the Final Four. He was something special. I don't necessarily think he'll be something special in the League, but I'll place a bet that he'll be pretty good for us.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Here is the thing -- he's a winner at every level. High school, college (didn't win but put them on his back so they won a bunch of games they otherwise wouldn't have), and supposedly was the best player on the under-19 Olympic team. He'll be solid.

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