Thursday, June 24, 2010

Draft Prediction

It's just too perfect to pass up. Cole Aldrich and the Utah Jazz are a match made in hoops heaven. The Jazz can't pass-by this guy if he's available, can they? Fred Flintstone Junior? Double-0 Aldrich? Kansas 7-footer? Good call by the Rock-monster. It's gotta happen... Right?


Pasty Gangsta said...

Thank goodness you were wrong. Hayward it is!

Sino-Mite! said...

hayward > aldrich. but hayward? really? someone please talk me into this.

Tucker McCann said...

I don't quite understand the Hayward pick. I watched him live in the final four game vs. Kansas State and he was great, but the 9th pick in the NBA?

I've said it before, Hayward is a poor man's Chase Budinger.