Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Ed

Ed Davis of North Carolina will be coming to town to workout for the Jazz. Davis has been high on the radar of NBA teams for over a year. Big Ed was an integral part to the UNC National Championship team over a year ago, and would have been a top 5 draft pick last year had he come out early for the NBA Draft after his impressive freshman season. Davis, though, didn't fare as well this season at UNC, primarily due to injury and youth at key positions (No quality PG to get him the ball). Perhaps Davis can show the things he's capable of during the workout and regain his positioning in the draft with the Jazz picking at #9. He provides great athleticism, rebounding, shot-blocking, and length at the PF postion. Funny enough... Davis will be working out against local product and French flyer, Kim Tillie, from the University of Utah. So... anybody got Tillie in this match-up?

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Orlando said...

If the jazz don't draft kim tillie, they deserve their fate.