Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's Carlos Boozerama... around the clock... all the time.

Boozer's time has arrived to become a free agent again and plenty of teams offer him the chance to score a big-time contract. Who will Boozer be "screaming" for next season? Do the Jazz have a shot at securing his services for more seasons? We should soon find out.

Stays With The Jazz: 25% Chance
I still think there may be a small chance Boozer remains with the Jazz. However, we'd have to do some serious re-tooling of the roster to fit him into the equation. We only have $10M to spend until we hit the luxury tax threshold again. That's a tight spending limit! Boozer alone will be asking for $15M per season.
Signs with Chicago: 20% Chance
Chicago likes Boozer. They've got two spots available. However, LeBron, Bosh, JJ, and possibly Amare' could sign there instead.
Signs with Miami: 15% Chance
Miami is looking to add the tri-fecta of Bron, Bosh, and DWade. Wade is almost assuredly staying in Miami. Bosh has been the primary target in South Beach. However, Boozer could be a secondary option depending on where Bosh lands (Chicago or Miami).
Signs with NJ: 25% Chance
This is the ultimate back-up plan for Boozer. NJ is opening room for 2 big-time free agents. If Miami and Chicago are taken by Amare' and Bosh. Boozer will most likely land in NJ to play alongside Brook Lopez.
Sign & Trade to Orlando or Detroit: 10% Chance
Orlando could be a real possibility. Dwight Howard has expressed interest in having a power forward running mate. Boozer would be that guy. This would be the best scenario for the Jazz too (unless he stayed) we could recoup some talent in return... perhaps Gortat, Bass, future pick. Detroit is a long shot.
Signs with NY: 3% Chance
New York would rather sign David Lee, if they lost out on Bron, Bosh, Wade, Amare', etc. I think Amare' has a chance to land in New York with possibly Joe Johnson (if that happens... then Boozer lands in Chicago or Miami).
Signs with Washington or LA Clippers: 2% Chance
Washington has been savvy, stealing players from teams trying to unload salary for the free agent market (Hinrich & Yi). Boozer is not needed in the Capital City. LAC has a guy by the name of Blake Griffin.

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