Monday, September 29, 2008

Basketball . . . finally

The NBA season (or shadows of it) is nearly upon us. In anticipation of the upcoming season, the entire TCG staff has travelled to lovely Boise, Idaho to bring you nonstop Jazz Training Camp coverage. While we're here we'll also fill you on in the fun things to do in the Boise area.

Today, before camp began, I dropped the twins off at Boiseko Ikastola, a preschool that teaches kids the invaluable Basque language. Did you know that it was the first Basque preschool outside of the Basque country? Pupils that prove to be good learners and loyal, robotic followers of authority advance to upper-level classes such as Basque poetry, advanced Euskadi, and secrets of successful bomb campaigns.

But I digress. Boise is famous for more than Basque preschools and milk shakes made out of potatoes: it is also famous for hosting the Jazz at the Taco Bell Arena for one week in October! Here are my notes from day 1 of camp:

  • Matt Harpring did not join the fun because he is getting old. Here's his list of ailments: bone spur, which required ankle surgery, which led to a strep infection, which required antibiotics, which made him sick, which led to severe digestive problems. Sounds like a good time for the old warrior to retire. Oh, what's that you say? He is signed for two more years? Dynamite. The worst part of the whole deal is that Harpring can't come to Boise but is, instead, stuck in Santa Barbara.
  • The Jazz picked up the fourth year option on Ronnie Brewer's deal. This was a no-brainer. Also, Sloan is a fan of Ronnie's new gun show.

  • Okur looks to be in good shape, which would be the first time that has happened in his rolly-polly NBA career. Okur is also rocking the cheesy boy band beard that now seems to be required for Jazz starters. It's as if Jerry Sloan has been in the hospital with Larry H all summer long. Time for a good old fashioned fashion crack down.

  • Speaking of crackdowns, Britton Johnson signed a contract with a Ukranian club and will not be joining the Jazz in Boise. Good luck Brit, and watch out for Putin.


Pasty Gangsta said...

First of all, if Ronnie Brewer really put on 25 pounds (as Jerry Sloan claims) then he is going to challenge Memo for biggest fat ass on the team.

Second of all, having spent a fair number of summers in my youth in Boise, Idaho, I can tell what there is to do there. There is the Fun Depot, which is sort of like Lagoon but it is 1/20th the size and doesn't have rollercoasters. However, it makes up for those shortcomings by having four times as many rednecks (an admittedly hard task to pull off). There is also a decent deli downtown. Besides that you are out of luck if you're looking for fun in Boise. However, from what the locals report, that hasn't stopped Jerry Sloan from trying, i.e. drinking too much at the local pubs and then, ahem, chatting up a few ladies.

Orlando said...

I'd like to hear more Sloan-picking-up-chicks stories on this blog.

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