Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Mark

That's right. Big Mark has his own website with a pretty sweet highlight intro.

So besides editing a bit of HTML and co-hosting a few halftime shows with Steve Brown, what exactly has Mr. Eaton been up to since he retired? Funny you should ask. He opened Tuscany, which I have to say is pretty good as far as Italian food in Utah cooked by a non-Italian chef in a restaurant operated by a non-Italian owner goes. He's also put out a couple of CDs -- non-musical, unfortunately -- including "10 Ways to Stand Tall." Rumor has it that Memo Okur and Kosta Koufos are considering a follow-up duet album: "10 Ways to Be Tall but Actually Stand and Play Small."

All kidding aside, I would permanently give up Collins, Harpring and Miles if we could have a young Mark Eaton play for us next year.


Baltay said...

Apparently there's a movie coming out on the big fella as well:

Orlando said...

Can't wait for the movie. I think it will be like the Jordan movies, but slower.

A couple of other things I learned from his website: if you're looking for Mark to speak at your office, think again; the big man is booked thru Oct. 23, including stops in Birdseye, Ut, and Sandy. Also, I highly recommend watching the "See Mark in Action" tab. He had me ready to fire off these reports in half the time!

Pasty Gangsta said...

Big thanks to Matt on this one for pointing me in the direction of all the latest on Mark Eaton.

When his movie comes out, and if it is as erotic as a I suspect it will be, you will likely hear me discuss porn again on the radio.