Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer Endings

We all know that the Jazz came up short against the Lakers in the quarterfinals of last season’s playoffs. Also, the Jazz haven’t made any significant roster moves to change the make-up of the team. Will the Jazz be able to contend for a title with virtually the same roster as last season? Will continuity be the difference? Without any huge shake-ups happening over the summer, the Jazz can only hope that retaining CJ Miles, trading for Brevin Knight and drafting Kosta Koufas will be enough to boost their title contending status.

Let’s just hope that we win “the thing” with our current cast!

Next summer will present different challenges for the Jazz. How will the Jazz brass keep the team intact? Here is a list of the competing NBA teams with potential cap space for Free Agency 2009, possibly vying for the services of Boozer, Memo, Millsap, and even AK47 (by way of a player for cap space scenario).

Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks could be a player on the market with Mike Bibby coming off the books. However, with the re-signing of Josh Smith and the inside presence of rookie Al Horford, it wouldn’t seem likely that the Hawks would be interested in more front court players.

Likelihood = Low

Denver Nuggets: Allen Iverson finishes up his contract with the Nuggets, freeing up nearly $21 million. The Nugs already overpay for stalwart talents like Nene and Kenyon Martin. It’ll be doubtful that they’ll even have enough cap space to make a dent in the market.

Likelihood = Not happening

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons are an interesting possibility. Rasheed Wallace becomes a free agent and Rip Hamilton has an early termination option to jump out of his contract. If both leave, the Pistons become a major cap player.

Likelihood = Warm

Memphis Grizzlies: Memphis will have some cash to spend. Evidence of their spending showed when they offered a hefty contract to Josh Smith this summer, only to be matched by the Hawks. Memphis has shown some interest in taking on Zach Randolph via trade this summer. They could certainly use an inside presence. Will anyone take their cash?

Likelihood = Active

Miami Heat: Shawn Marion wraps up his contract after this season, opening up $18 million. The Heat has been known to possess interest in the Booz, through multiple Miami news reports. But will they have enough cap space to lure him? In addition, Michael Beasley plays power forward. The Booz and Beasley are two similar players…offensive minded scorers. It doesn’t seem like a natural fit.

Likelihood = Possible

Oklahoma City Thunder: The franchise in Oklahoma has been preparing cap space for the next summer. They’ve unloaded Luke Ridnour for expiring contracts (Joe Smith and Desmond Mason) and have others coming off the books (Chris Wilcox). OKC should have nearly $25 million to spend in free agency next summer and possess nice, young talented players on the roster. Certainly, they’ll have to save up a little bit in order to re-sign Kevin Durant in the future.

Likelihood = Hot

Portland TrailBlazers: Raef LaFrentz will come off the books after the season and Portland should have a load of money to spend. Their concern however will be in locking up Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden as the up-and-coming nucleus. I doubt Portland will be looking elsewhere in free agency when they’re so loaded from within.

Likelihood = Nope


Pasty Gangsta said...

Booze: Stabbed his blind owner in the back to leave town and make more money.

Clay Bennett: Stabbed an entire city in the back to leave town and make more money.

Could be a perfect match.

Orlando said...

Great summary, Guru. I'd be surprised if no one makes a run at Memo, as well as Boozer.

Orlando said...

One more thing: I think I speak for all of America when I say that if our championship hopes hinge on any combination of Kosta Kofous, Brevin Knight, and CJ Miles, I'm not making a run to Vegas anytime soon.

Tucker McCann said...

We simply don't need Boozer, AK, Memo AND Milsap as long as we keep Collins.

So long as Collins is on the roster, we can afford to lose two of the aforementioned players.

niroa said...

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