Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boozer to Opt Out: Part Two

The D News has Kevin O'Connor's response to Boozer's opt-out talk yesterday: "It's a little peculiar."  

Translation: "I get a little tired of Carlos doing this through the media.  Why doesn't he just come talk to me?  I don't really want him on the team next year."

Boozer also announced his left quad is still a little sore and he wants to get a second MRI done on it.  

Translation: "I don't really want to play right now and am going to be out a bit longer."

I'll admit I'm no doctor, but this seems like exactly the type of thing Karl Malone or Paul Millsap would play through.  I'm sure his leg hurts, but that's what happens when you play in the NBA.  Enough!  Get back on the court.  

Finally, let's not forget that Boozer talked to about this instead of one of the local papers.

Translation: "I'm taking my case to the country at large and want to make sure that every team in the NBA knows I'm available."  


Tucker McCann said...

The more i think about this, the more interesting it becomes for the following reasons:

1) I am really beginning to wonder if any other team will actually pay him MORE than the Jazz (maybe another team will, but it is becoming debateable at this point with Boozer's injury record).

2) With Arena Football folding (and I know the NBA is not Arena Football), and the economy in the crapper, NBA Execs will start losing money on tickets sales, and so the economist in me would think that players' salaries might at least remain stagnant, if not fall within the next 6 months.

3) I am starting to wonder how good Boozer really is. There are a lot of players in the world that can sit at the elbow and pop jumpers, and then jog down to the other end and play no defense (i.e. Jarron Collins) for a lot cheaper than what Booze makes.

4) NBA Execs have to realize a common trend in his departure of teams. If he cannot stay with a team for longer than three years, and then announces mid-season that he is opting out of a contract with a Playoff-bound team in the Western Conference, I think you start to question his emotional stabiltiy.

PREDICTION: Someone will sign Boozer for $9 Million a year. He will lose money!

Pasty Gangsta said...

One other issue to consider. He may be opting out for the summer of 2009 so as to avoid the crush of free agents that are coming in the summer of 2010. Maybe that's smart, but maybe teams will save their cap room in the hopes of landing someone better than him in 2010.

The Booze is a consistent 20-10 guy when he plays. That is worth a lot to NBA teams. But he's not a max player to build around, he's hurt all the time, he's a bit soft, and he makes questionable decisions. I would not pay $12 million a year for him. However, I would also not, at this point, compare him to Jarron Collins.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Final thought:

Come playoff time when Carlos is pulling one of his usual 8 point/3-14 shooting/3 rebound performances against whoever we're playing, how long before Millsap starts eating up his minutes and CB spends crunch time on the bench?

Methinks not long in Jerry Sloan's world.

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