Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boozer To Opt Out

While this news isn't very surprising, I think the timing of his declaration to "opt out" is extremely strange. Perhaps it's just a no-brainer!

I find it strange though, for a few of reasons:

1. He's injured. Does he expect a raise when he hasn't played for 14 straight games?

2. Millsap is playing well. Could this be his way of saying, "Well, I'm just as important as Paul"?

3. It's December. These decisions usually don't happen until the end of the season. Like I said... perhaps it's just a no-brainer.

The good news is that we now know Boozer will be on the market during the summer of '09. The Jazz can now prepare for that absolute inevitability. The article gives a good explanation to the logjam of contracts and situations the Jazz will have to face in the offseason. Hopefully, this doesn't play out to be a distraction for the Jazz during this season. Because... we need to get back to our winning ways.


Pasty Gangsta said...

I think his statements were totally planned and they piss me off. I think he's mad Millsap is playing well and getting a lot of attention and he's worried that his free market value is dropping just a tad.

The reason it's dropping though (if it is) is because he's hurt every damn year for half the season and is soft in the playoffs. If he would get back on the court and put up good numbers, everything else would take care of itself.

Really though. . . it takes some cojones to talk about getting a raise when you haven't played in a month.

Tucker McCann said...

I agree, at this point, if I were a Boozer suiter, I would be worried about his antics (i.e. missing half of every season, no defense, planning to move to another team as soon as he gets to a team, etc. etc.).

Let's move on. Let him go. He will never be as good as i had hoped he would.

Now, if this were Deron Williams talking, I would be more worried.

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