Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Were Afraid

Coach Sloan's remarks in the Deseret News after the loss to the Boston Celtics, 100-91:

"Well... the Jazz coach said, it looked like we were scared to play against them to start the ballgame. It looked like we were afraid," Sloan added. "We wanted to play out on the perimeter and take jump shots."

"Finally we got the ball inside a couple times, and started playing around the basket a little bit more, and had a little bit more success," said Sloan, "But, you know, they're awful hard to get the ball inside on, because they're a very good defensive team, and they knock you around a little bit. And our guys wanted to stay outside, because I think they were afraid to get hurt. They had us intimidated a great deal."

Wow. There's nothing like the "hard-core truth" coming from Coach Sloan. Jerry is the master at motivating his team and instilling toughness. Let's see how the team responds on Wednesday versus New Jersey.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

If the playoffs started today the Jazz would be the 8 seed. The good news is the Nuggets would be the 2 seed and we're only 3 games behind them (and a better squad when we're healthy, might I add).

Nonetheless, we need to start winning some ball games, regardless of our injuries. We've got four games left on the road trip, three against likely playoff teams. Anything less than a split is pretty bad news for us. If we get hammered again like we did last year at this time. . .yikes, it's just a hard hole to dig out of in terms of playoff seeding.