Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Frontrunner for Mr. 14

Preseason basketball in the NBA offers tryout opportunities for potential signees. On the Jazz roster, only two spots remain available for potential free agent additions. Several candidates are working hard to win over one of those two spots (the Jazz vow to only fill one spot). The primary contestants for the last roster spot are Jazz 2009 2nd Round draft pick from Michigan State Goran Suton, free agent veteran forward Ronald Dupree from LSU, and rookie undrafted free agent guard Wes Matthews. These guys are battling for the chance to be Mr. 14 on the Jazz roster… a chance to land a coveted NBA roster spot.

If there’s any indication of who’s winning the race for a roster spot… it would certainly have to be Wesley Matthews, based upon his playing time, production and ability to fill a needed position. Matthews has taken advantage of his opportunity, averaging 21 minutes, 7.1 points, 1.3 rebounds, 1 assist and .8 steals per game in 6 games. While those numbers don’t seem overly stupendous, he’s made quite an impression on his teammates and coaches as an undrafted rookie through his ability to shoot, score, and defend athletic players. In looking towards the future, I could see Wes Matthews making the team and contributing to the squad (especially with Harpring likely finished and CJ Miles out with a wrist injury). When I’ve seen him play, he’s reminded me of Shandon Anderson, the former Jazzman… physical enough to post-up, drive to the hoop and shoot a bit from outside, while defending with aggression on the other end. It’ll be exciting to see if the Jazz decide to keep him around.

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Orlando said...

I've never seen Mr. Matthews play. However, I have seen Goran Suton and Mr. Dupree play, and they aren't very good. Combine that with my undying love for Shandon Anderson and I say sign him up!