Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Start

The Jazz started the preseason out on a high note with an impressive win over the Nuggets.

Among the encouraging signs for the Jazz were CJ Miles's 16 points in 17 minutes and Okur's Kareemesque baby hook. Miles reported to camp in great shape and showed signs that he may be ready to play up to the potential the Jazz have talked about for the past few seasons. Improved play from Miles and Brewer would go a long way toward making us more competitive with the elite teams in the West.

The report out of camp is that Okur has been working hard on his post moves, and he showed one of them off when he hit a baby hook over the Bird Man. Okur's ability to play out of the post could be critical when Boozer is gone. Although it was only the first preseason game, the Jazz played well and showed signs of good things to come.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

I trust nothing about Miles unless he does it three games in a row. . . the guy is as inconsistent as our team defense last year.