Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Night

Unfortunately, after last night's game you really have to start with the worst.

  • The entire 4th quarter, when we played no defense and looked totally confused on offense. Can we afford to rest D Will at that point in the game on the road against a good team? We seem to totally lose focus when we do.
  • Our defense in general. Yet again, it is not going to be one of our strong suits.
  • Boozer's play. Woof. Poor defense (two minutes into the game his man was blowing by him and he got called for a reaching foul) and terrible offense. It's not rocket science. . . get down on the post and go hard to the rim. D Will is the only one on the team who should be taking pull-up free throw line jumpers with a man in his face.
  • AK's new haircut. Double woof. My fiancee suspects he's had it professionally highlighted.
  • Our intensity through the first three quarters. Yes, we fell apart in the 4th. But we got on the floor for the rest of the game, which we don't always do. Four jump balls in the 3rd quarter alone! Props to Price, Brewer, D Will, and Millsap for actually caring.
  • D Will. He's an All-Star -- it's that simple.
  • Brewer. With Miles, Harpring, and Korver out, it's time for him to step it up. 16 and 6 is a solid performance. . . now let's try to string that together for three or four games in a row.


Ryan said...

I was impressed with Fez's play as well. He provided a much needed interior presence on defense and was active on the offensive end. Plus, he was the only one of our bigs who didn't get pushed around by Nene. I have been very skeptical of Fez's ability, but last night he looked like he may be able to provide the phyical low post presence we lack.

Pasty Gangsta said...

D Will's latest Tweet:

My bad jazz fanz too many careless turnovers and stupid foul on Chauncey! We back at home fir the next one!

Orlando said...

I guess I'm not sure why properly highlighted tips are a negative.