Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NBA London

"Look kids, Big Ben... Parliament." As the Jazz take on the Bulls in London, I wonder what the NBA would look like in Europe. I can't imagine it would ever go there... too much travel across the Pond. Now, thinking of Carlos Boozer playing for the Bulls might be a little more plausible since he requested for such a trade last summer. The Booz takes on questions about his summer inquiries to join the Chicago Bulls.


Anonymous said...

Top of the morning, err afternoon, Guru. I'm glad to see that TCG used one of the greatest lines in cinematic history from National Lampoons European Vacation to open this post. I'm sure Rusty and Audry are enjoying the game at O2 Arena as we speak. Is former Jazz Man and honorary member of BPM, Raul Lopez, still balling for Real, or is he in Russia? Booner, is your inside source traveling with the team? Inquring minds want some Jazz European Vacation tales.


Jack Sikma

cornerofhope said...

This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.