Monday, October 26, 2009

Jazz Dreams

The off season has finally passed us by and it’s great to have the 2009-10 season upon us. Let’s get ready to talk some serious Jazz! In the wake of our first regular season game on Wednesday, I’d like to share my hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations for our beloved Jazz this season.

Who I hope will improve the most: Ronnie Brewer
Ronnie is a jump shot away from becoming an amazing player in this league. I feel like he’s the main guy that needs to improve the most for our team to move forward. Our offense is in dire need of a scorer on the wing. I believe that Ronnie can make that jump from solid role player to third option scorer and prime defender.

Who I wish will discover his role: Carlos Boozer
There’s no hiding the fact that Boozer and Millsap will be sharing the power forward spot this year. It’s also clear that Paul will be the future of this franchise, while Carlos will not (just look at our salary position and where our $$ will be shelled out). However, that doesn’t mean that the Booz won’t have a role to play on this team. With the way that the Jazz offense highlights the PF, Boozer will be set up to have a monster season if he stays healthy. I believe Boozer and Millsap will play a lot of minutes together on the floor, providing each ample opportunity to star. It’ll be intriguing to see how Boozer fits into the scheme and whether he’ll take advantage of his contract-ending season with the Jazz. There’s plenty of motivation to play well.

Who I dream will have a career-changing season: Andrei Kirilenko
Once upon a time, AK47 was an All-Star. While true, that now seems like an old, funny, make-believe fairy tale. Andrei’s game has gradually sunk since that miraculous season when he showed us glimpses of stardom. Andrei still possesses the necessary athleticism, size, and length to be a very productive and disruptive player for the Jazz. For some reason, he hasn’t fully put together his immense gifts and talents. In my dreams, I can envision AK achieving that glorious season of multiple triple doubles, suffocating defense and clutch time scoring. Just maybe he’ll have the season we believe he’s capable of having.

Who I expect to be an All-Star: Deron Williams
It’s about time this guy got some credit. Mr. Franchise needs to get his due praise and respect. He should have a phenomenal year.

Where I believe we finish: 6th in the West
We’re not starting off too well with all the injuries… Harpring, Korver, CJ Miles, Brewer and Price are all suffering.

Where I'd like us to finish: 1st Place. Winners over LA and Boston. Perhaps if all the chips fall into place… well, probably not… but at least one can dream.


Pasty Gangsta said...

6-2 in the preseason ain't too shabby, and it turns out there's a loose correlation between that and regular season success.

Prediction: 55 wins, division title by 2 games, and the 4 seed. D Will is an All-Star and Boozer gets moved before the trade deadline.

Ryan said...

Well done Guru. I agree that Brewer is probably the key to our hopes for a better season, and I think he has it in him. I also think the Williams will be a better leader and will help us win on the road by taking control early against bad teams and keeping us in the game against good ones. I also think our team defense will be better, still not great, but better.

We would also benefit from improved play from the 3 spot, but with CJ and KK injured and AK's inconsistency, I'm not sure what we are going to get.

I think Boozer will play very well because big money is on the line. I can't decide, however, if that makes it more likely that we will keep him to try to make a run, or trade him because he will have some real trade value.

And finally, I predict the Jazz will take the three spot behind the Spurs and Lakers and ahead of Dallas, Portland, Denver, NO, and Phoenix, in that order. I may have my purple, green, and gold glasses on, but I think we are in for a good year.