Sunday, March 14, 2010


Shorthanded and only playing 8 guys, the Jazz made the most of their game against the Thunder, and unfortunately, came up short and lost 119-111. However, the silver lining was the play of Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews. Sometimes we come to expect DWill to go "off" for 27 point games and 14 assists. However, when Wes Matthews does it... It's a whole different story! Check out his line... 29 points on 9-11 shooting and 6 three-pointers. Wow! This guy is an undrafted rookie. It's no wonder we got rid of Ronnie Brewer.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Matthews is for real. No doubt about it. Let's hope we start seeing a lot less of Korver and Miles (apologies to your boy, Guru) as the years go by.

Non-silver lining: because he was undrafted, Matthews is a free agent at the end of this year! Restricted, but still. . . we don't have a lot of cap wiggle room.

Tucker McCann said...

. . . which begs the question, what do you pay Matthew next year? I would think, based on his performance this year, we'll be forced to pay him at least $3 million, and maybe up to $5 million.

Your thoughts?

Pasty Gangsta said...

$5 million is too high. But he's growing into a legitimate starting shooting guard in the league. Miles makes $3.7 (!) and Korver makes $5.1 (!!!) so it's probably something in that range, unfortunately.

We have $55 million in salaries committed for next year as of today. Let's let Korver walk. Fes we can re-sign for nothing, if we even want to. Then we have some decisions to make on Wes and Carlos.

Orlando said...

Matthews can be locked up for Miles' money, no problem. No one is going to offer a restricted rookie free agent a ton of money in this market. I think he's a steal for that price.

Rumors are that the Jazz are talking extension with Carlos. Color me scared.