Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lovable Losers

The Jazz have fallen into the trap of losing to the bad teams and winning against the good teams. For some reason, we have trouble playing against the lovable losers. First, it was the Kings on Friday. Now it was a loss to the Clippers last night. Somewhere in between, we played a glorious game against the Rockets, absolutely dismantling Houston with an offensive explosion. What then happened to us?
Something is wrong with Deron Williams. As great as he is, he hasn't played a consistent game for awhile. Bigger and stronger opponents have given him fits. Tyreke Evans had his way against him on Friday night, scoring 22 and dishing out 7. Deron only managed 10 with 13. Evan's length and strength were huge disrupters to him. Again last night, Baron Davis had a terrific game. While... Deron couldn't seem to find his rhythm, as evidenced by his late game miscues. Somewhere in between though, Deron exploded for 35 against Houston, displaying an unmatched arsenal of shots and scores that completely overwhelmed the Rockets. Smaller and lighter Aaron Brooks really had no chance. Deron blew up for 20 points in the first quarter alone. It's just too bad that the Jazz can't balance out the inconsistencies of our Star. As Deron goes... so go the Jazz. Hopefully the Jazz can get things back together. We can't afford to continue our losing ways against the lovable losers.

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Orlando said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've seen this movie before. Phenomenal February, followed by middling March in which we lose to teams we should not lose to. Sounds like the recipe for a 5 seed.