Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet 13

I got to attend the Jazz versus the Celtics game last night. It was a tale of two halves with the Jazz prevailing by 13 points in the second half. It was exciting to see the Jazz play an intense 2nd half to finish off the Celtics. Here were my 13 observations for the night...
1. It's amazing how good the Jazz can be when they get balanced scoring from multiple scoring options. DWill, Boozer, Memo, and Miles were all terrific.
2. For as much criticism as CJ receives from fans, he was actually awesome last night. CJ is starting to play some great basketball, with consistency. He has benefited the most from the Ronnie Brewer trade (and AK injury).
3. Deron Williams has a knack for taking over games. When he's playing well, he's virtually unstoppable to contain. The 3rd quarter was explosive.
4. Kosta Koufos played some important minutes. He had 4 points and 3 boards. I believe he'll eventually be a solid contributor for us.
5. We miss the versatility of AK47. He brings another dimension to the game.
6. Our bench is especially light right now. The Jazz are only a couple of guys away from seeing Othyus Jeffers playing significant minutes.
7. Memo for 3! Boozer block and fast-break stuff!
8. The Celtics aren't the same anymore. They're getting older and more broken down.
9. Michael Finley... the Jazz destroyer. Only the Jazz can make a 50-year vet like Michael Finley look good.
10. It's an absolute joy to watch Wes Matthews play. He brings the hustle, defense, and intensity to the game.
11. Othyus and Sundiata!... Let's give the D-Leaguers some mop-up duty.
12. See ya later, Doc.
13. High fives and finger points all around. I had some great seats last night close to our most passionate fans.


Pasty Gangsta said...

The Guru and I discussed CJ Miles this weekend and he admitted to me that he liked Wes better. Which is good. The CJ Kool-Aid was getting potent. I am willing to admit, however, that he is playing better than he has in the past.

The Brewer trade actually probably helped us there. We're certainly no worse record-wise, and it cleared up a logjam for us.

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