Monday, March 8, 2010

Koufos to D-League

The Jazz have re-assigned Kosta Koufos to play in the D-League. Koufos has sat the bench virtually the entire season and hasn't gotten much chance to play this season. Kyrylo Fesenko has taken whatever remaining minutes have been given to the center position, and has left Koufos as the third-center on the team.
I think it's a great decision to move Koufos to the D-League. You can't improve your game unless you play in games! Sometimes, the waiting process is proof that a player should have stayed in college to improve his game before declaring for the draft and sitting on the bench in the NBA. It may not seem fair, but Koufos needs to prove himself. I'm still unsure whether Koufos will make it in the NBA. Maybe the D-League will offer him the chance to increase his confidence and improve his game. We ought to be able to use him in the future.


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