Thursday, May 6, 2010

According to Chuck and Kenny

The DNews provides quotes from TNT anchors, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley... And I tend to agree with their opinions.
The match-up between the Jazz and the Lakers reminds Kenny Smith of "a really great jayvee team playing a varsity team meaning the Jazz just are not big enough. He says,"I don't mean that as disrespect... I meant it as a size issue, where kids are older and little bit bigger and stronger, and that is what the Lakers are against these guys."
Charles continued..."They have got to try to play like the Phoenix Suns play and outrun the Lakers. First of all, they are limited defensively, but on offense they are working so hard to score... In my opinion, the only way they can get back in this series is to turn it into a track meet."
"Realistically, as long as the game is a half-court game, whether offensively or defensively, Utah is at a serious disadvantage."
I agree with TNT. Run Jazz, Run! Beat those Laker bigs down the floor and get quicker buckets.

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