Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celeb Status

On so many levels, the Sports Guy nails the depiction of the Laker fan experience at Staples Center. This article is absolutely hilarious! An arena full of celebs, people wishing to be seen, fake, glitzy or otherwise, and outpriced die-hards relegated to the corners of the upper-deck... Laker games must be an experience toward some kind of wonderful. While I've never attended an actual Laker game, my ties to LA from living there have brought me close to so many of their fans. They love Kobe Bryant, while the rest of us true fans know better not to...
I think at one point in time,us Jazz fans once considered Wilford Brimley as our most well-known, recognizable celebrity supporter. I'm not certain we can claim such "glam" anymore. We don't have any celebrity supporters. Thus... How can we compare to "the Oscar" Jack Nicholson when we don't even have one celebrity figure (not even one) to call our own? It's not possible to compare to such awesome stature and status. In like manner, how do we match-up with Bynum, Lamar, Pau, Ron Ron, and his eminence, Kobe Bryant with our low-light, D-list cast of characters? Fes, Koufos, Ronnie "Energy" Price and Wesley "undrafted rookie" Matthews? Come on! Not happening. Unfortunately, I hate reading articles like this one, which gives LA Big Brother status to our little brother Jazz. It bugs me. The fact we're staying close in these games and cutting leads in the 4th quarter to nearly win out ought to be a hardcore slap to Big Brother Laker. Just give us one additional high level talent and we'd be winning this series. Remember, both AK47 and Mehmet Okur are not playing right now. Remember... nearly all of our players were drafted in the 2nd round or not at all. Remember... you won both games at home, which you were supposed to do. I'm just amazed at what the Jazz have accomplished in the post season with this crew. Go Jazz!


Pasty Gangsta said...

It's going to be nice to get AK back. But the Lakers size is tough. It's encouraging we're keeping these games close, but we need to stay strong at home these next two games.

Our biggest celebs are probably:
1) Wilford Brimley
2) Bear
3) Suds
4) The doctor who screams at the opposing team from under the basket
5) Those kids who are really good ballroom dancers

Anonymous said...

I think we could throw Thomas S. Monson into the mix as well. Good call on Julianne Hough (Guru's secret LA 1st Ward romance). She couldn't handle Guru's stamina on the dance floor.