Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Draft Day Flashbacks

As the summer of youtube rolls on, may I present a 25-year old reminder of why draftees now hire consultants?

1. The outfit - This is likely the best outfit ever worn to the NBA draft, and that is saying a hell of a lot. The reason "Mail's" outfit beats out other top picks is the earnestness with which Karl rocks his knitted-tie-with-overstuffed-pants look. He's not trying to impress his boys, he's just wearing what he would wear to church.

2. The tears - Who knew that Malone was always a softie?

3. The shout-out to Monica: his fiancee. Whoops!

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Anonymous said...

Mail's outfit in ironically back in style. Using the dudes that show up to my ward (Guru can back me up on this) and the hipster/indie fashion trends that permeate the SLC. Mail rocking the knit-tie, tight cream slacks, and pastel sports jacket is good to go in 2010. I think this should be Rising Stock's new vegas outfit for the 2011 Tourney.