Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Hayward

Just like skinny euros, the Jazz love the white shooting guard. Going back to the days of Bobby Hansen, Bart Kofoed, and most certainly the retired Jeff Hornacek, the Jazz can't do without one. We now have our chance to secure another (although... there's no way the heart-throb Kyle Korver leaves us).
We all know his game. We saw him lead his team to the brink of a national championship... pretty amazing feat! He's got all of the intangibles. Perhaps, just maybe, the Jazz veer away from the lure of big, lumbering post player and seek out the services of a complete ballplayer, in Mr. Gordon Hayward. David Thorpe, from Sporting News, seems to think so. I suppose we'll just have to see what happens. I tend to agree with David Thorpe... Hayward is undervalued. He's a lock for the lottery. And the Jazz would be wise to secure him. Yet, it looks as if the Jazz might have a tough choice on their hands. Aldrich or Hayward? Udoh, Davis or Hayward? Perhaps the Jazz could trade down a couple spots (Memphis at #12?), acquire another pick or asset, and select Hayward. The Jazz roster could use more caucasian shooters.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Plus: He's 6'8, which would make our shooting guard taller than our starting and backup power forwards.

Minus: The scouts say things like "Though Gordon Hayward struggled with his shot last season, it's not expected to be a lingering problem," and "He's still not shooting well, but they think that'll come around. People think he's just kind of in a slump and maybe he'll fix that."

Tucker McCann said...

I think Hayward is a poor man's Chase Budinger (Rockets). I wouldnt waste my top 10 pick on him.

Orlando said...

Hayward has nowhere near the athleticism of Budinger, but he is a better all around ball player. I only like him if the Jazz trade down.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Before we knock him, let us not forget that Chase Budinger lit us up for approximately 117 points in one game this past season.

Tucker McCann said...

I am not knocking Chase Budinger. I would LOVE to have him in a Jazz uniform. Give me Budinger over Korver ANY DAY OF THE WEEK (Budinger can shoot the three nearly as well as Korver, but can also defend, rebound, and create his own shot).

Budinger > Korver.