Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skinny Euros

I doubt the Jazz will draft draft Mr. Montiejunas. Why? Because he is a skinny, soft, Euro big man and we already have one of those. No, not Kosta (he's not European), not Fesenko (he's not soft), and not Memo (not skinny). I mean, Ante Tomic!

Remember the 2008 draft? Along with my elation at picking Kosta Kofous, the Jazz also provided some laughs by drafting two Europeans in the second round. Here is what the taller of the continent's prospects has been up to lately.

Actually, people are taking notice of Tomic. He's still skinnier and paler than anything Utah County ever produced, but he has some real basketball skills. Whether those are NBA-level skills is another question.


Tucker McCann said...

my take: Tomic requires 9 - 16 dribbles to commence his post move, which will not work in the NBA. One of the fundamental rules of basketball is NEVER take a dribble unless (i) it takes you somewhere, or (ii) you need it to restore balance.

Tomic dribbles because he can.

Bad sign.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Worse sign: those 9-16 dribbles lead to a 12-foot fadeaway jumper over some soft Euro defense.

But honestly that doesn't even matter, because unless he puts on 100 lbs (minimum) Tomic is not even going to sniff the D League.

Orlando said...

I actually think he has a surprisingly soft touch and is fairly mobile for someone his size. However, he can be pushed out of the paint by European power forwards. Not a good sign.

Either way, he just signed a 3 year deal with Madrid, so we won't see him for a while.