Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collins Officially Moves On

Jarron Collins will move on from his career playing for the Utah Jazz and try out for the Portland Trail Blazers. The end of an era has come, according to the Salt Lake Tribune... the Jarron Collins era is finished. What an incredible era it was! To his credit, Collins was one of the few and final players to play with both Karl Malone and John Stockton and made a minor impact on the team over the years.

"It was an honor and a privilege to play for the organization and to play with all of my teammates throughout all the years..."

Even better... over the course of trying out for other teams, Collins ran into Ostertag.

"In recent weeks, Collins worked out with Cleveland and Portland. He even crossed paths in Portland with Ostertag, who is trying to make a comeback at 36, and played in a handful of games with his former teammate. 'It was great,' Collins said. 'Just like old times playing with Oster. We were actually pretty good on the defensive end, knowing how to cover for each other."


Tucker McCann said...

GREAT move by Portland; signing Jarron Collins and Greg Ostertag (if they do follow through with it) will boost their offensive excitement through the ROOF!

Orlando said...

"Knowing how to cover for each other" = "We are both aware that the other player sucks."

torrey ellis said...

Portland tried to screw us by signing Psap, but that is nothing compared to the devestatation they are causing our organization by signing away two of our legends.

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