Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sports Illustrated's Take on Boozer

From SI's Steve Aschburner (Steve who?) this morning:

"For now, we know Boozer is in Salt Lake City. But that's not where he wants to be and that's not where we expect the Jazz power forward to be for long, given the positional redundancy with Paul Millsap and Boozer's chronic me-first attitude. When it suited Boozer -- who gave Utah basically a half-season of production (16.2 ppg, 10.4 rpg) in an injury-marred 2008-09 -- to openly ponder opting out of his $12.7 million contract, he did that. When it behooved him to instead cling to that money for this year, he did that. Yet when he gave several interviews this summer, he speculated about playing in Chicago or Miami, solidifying his image as an individual disconnected from his team -- or even good form.

Next to Boozer these days, Zach Randolph looks like the consummate chemistry guy. Jazz teammate Kyle Korver recently told the Salt Lake Tribune: "We expect him to come back and play really well and try to be healthy and earn back the respect that whoever people think that he needs to earn it back to." We'll say this much: Boozer's consistency has to be applauded in Cleveland, which learned in losing his talented but self-absorbed act to Utah what Jazz fans now are fully wise to."

Come opening night, it is too bad that with a name like "Boozer," we will be unable to differentiate the "Boooooo's" from the "Booooze." I would guess that 75% will be the former, and 25% the latter. Anybody beg to differ?


Emily said...

Why do I feel like I am sitting in Thorup's basement whilst reading this blog? Anonymous blogging? I think not...


Tucker McCann said...

Wait . . . Jardine . . . was that compliment or a dig?

Emily said...

Compliment. I spent several fabulous evenings in Thorup's basement (Angie, that is in no way a comment on James' sexual prowess).

Actually, I stumbled upon this blog and immediately knew the founders of Beta Rho Mu were the founders of TCG. Glad to know I was right.

By the way, nice screen names. (That one was a dig)

Tucker McCann said...

OK Jardne, Pop Quiz HOTSHOT!

Name the authors by each individual screen name! Go!

(Booner = ______________)
(Draft Guru = __________)
(Pasty Gangsta = _______)
(Crotty Kid = __________)
(Golden Griff = ________)
(OOTag License to Thrill = ______)


Tucker McCann said...

(But Jardine, as soon as you do it, we will have to delete so as not to disclose our identities to the world at large).

(Even better, please send your responses to the

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