Monday, September 28, 2009

Opportunity Abounds

AK47 has gained weight… CJ Miles is in the best shape of his life… and Carlos Boozer still finds himself stuck in Salt Lake… It must be the start of fall camp, where all things “Jazz” look gloriously optimistic. And then practice starts. Aren’t these guys playing ball every day in the summer? Stretching… lifting… running… in good shape? Injuries… This can’t be good. Apparently, opportunity abounds for playing time (especially at small forward and center). However, nobody is around to compete for the positions. AK, KK, and CJ are all fighting off the injury bug. Ironically, all of them play the same position… small forward, along with our other injured warrior, Matt Harpring. Get well guys. We might actually need you during the season. Good thing our first game doesn’t start for another month.

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Ryan said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens at the 3. CJ, Korver and AK could all start. Regardless of who starts, we'll have a strong second unit with the two 3's that don't start, Price, Millsap or Boozer and Kosta all coming off the bench. If Kosta can step it up, we'll have good depth at every spot.